Three days of misery

One day of social media is three days of misery

Tuesday, April 4, 2023.

It's been three days since I did little to nothing and I feel miserable about it.

But why?

I'm too sensitive, I think. Let's take a look at it three weeks before.

After avoiding Twitter, and HackerNews and focusing mainly on working on personal stuff for about two weeks, I felt healthy and energetic -- I felt free -- it was incredible.

Last Saturday I intentionally opened my Twitter while Buildspace was live-streaming the results of Nights & Weekends on Twitch. I did it because why not? It's okay to keep in touch with all those who got in, right? Wrong!

This seemingly innocent thought ruined three days of my life, ugh!

Social media is so powerful in both a positive and negative sense. It can connect, open you to opportunities and maybe help you raise $1M if you're lucky ;) But it also has the power to destroy your mental sanity, destroy your connections or ruin someone's career.

It's for these negative reasons that I avoid social media as much as possible because as far as I can tell, the disadvantages are more prominent than the benefits.

So please, save yourself some brain cells and close Instagram.