Hello 👋, Josias here!

I spend a disproportionate amount of time on my computer coding, reading psychology articles, creating digital art, watching anime or ceremoniously computing the 1.23e-11 probability of you reading this page.

I'm the nerdy adventurous type always following my curiosity.

I'm a full-time Hack Club HQ member working on a variety of projects across hardware, AI, game dev and web dev.

At Hack Club, I work on engineering projects across game dev, web dev, systems and machine learning with an incredible team. Most of our work is Open Source under

On the side, I'm currently building a plaform for creative exploration called Doodle and an e-commerce platform called Baskket.

Before joining Hack Club HQ full-time, I worked on a variety of projects such as SineRider , organised a hackathon in my local town called TiC Summit, and worked as a software engineer at a local e-commerce startup developing administrative side software for managing our mobile app.

After graduating high-school in 2022, I joined Open Dreams where I got to meet a community of incredibly talented and curious people.

Projects — Stuff I've worked on


/z · Work

Start Zoom meetings from anywhere in the Hack Club Slack community with a simple /z command. Or schedule calls via your Google Calendar. It's free to use for all Hack Clubbers even without needing a Zoom Pro account.


Sprig · Work

The game console where every player is a creator. Draw, make music, and craft games in our web-based editor. Build an original game and we'll ship you a Sprig kit!


Scrapbook · Work

A daily diary of what Hack Clubbers are learning & making every day.

Digital Art

Digital Art · Personal

I like to create digital art using maths. This art was created on an 80x60 grid by manipulating the x and y axes as well as using time and positivity as parameters.

sudoku solver

sudoku solver · Personal

A fast and efficient sudoku solver written in Zig. This sudoku solver performs zero memory allocations and uses backtracking to solve sudoku games.


c-md-parser · Personal

A basic markdown to html converter written in pure C. It can also be compiled to WebAssembly and ran in a web browser. It supports only headings, blockquotes, lists, strikethrough, italic and bold text.


SineRider · Contributor

SineRider immerses you into the beauty of mathematics, along with a love story. A special game that recalls the playful side of you, reminding us that we can learn a lot from mathematics and ourselves by just playing a great game.


Buffer · Personal

Buffer is a tool that allows me to share text and links across devices. I built it because I found myself sharing short text between my phone and computer a lot.

LinksBook [discontinued]

LinksBook [discontinued] · Personal

A full-featured bookmark manager written. The project was built over a period of two months so that I could manage my articles (save, read, write summaries, remind myself via email etc) but was later turned into a product that I stopped maintaining.

Find more of my projects on my GitHub profile.