07:48:00 pm ยท Yaounde, Cameroon

Njouondo Djimi Josias Aurel

is Building RaboLand

I am fascinated by the engineering behind computer systems and Artificial Intelligence. I highly value aesthetically pleasing software solutions.

At the moment, I personally work on building a digital space that enables and encourages playful exploration while learning new concepts (mostly regarding physics, computer science and mathematics).

I graduated high school in the year 2022 and I am in search of further educational opportunities.

In the meantime, I work at a local startup to help build an Amazon-like platform to skyrocket the e-commerce space.
I also contribute to sinerider, a game about the love of mathematics and graphing.

If you want to connect, shoot me an email hey@josiasw.dev or send me a direct message over Twitter @JosiasWing.
You may also find me on GitHub @JosiasAurel