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Hey 👋,

I'm Josias Aurel, a curiosity-driven hacker from Cameroon. Ever since I wrote my fist RPG game in windows batch script at age 12, I've done a bit of coding from writing a simple OS kernel and small games to building full-stack web applications and machine learning models.

I'm that guy who likes taking apart things and and building random projects just because it's fun — and to quench my insatiable curiosity.
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Throughout my journey, I mostly worked solo on a few side projects such as LinksBook (now terminated). I also worked at a local startup for about four months (Nov, 2022 - Feb 2023) where we built an online e-commerce marketplace similar to Amazon.

These days I'm mostly working on Linguana — a project that aims at creating an accessible learning platform for learning Cameroons's local languages — and Doodle (or Tinker Quest?) — an interactive learning environment that makes it easier for the curious mind to explore/experiment ideas quickly.

I take pride in the work I do and value aesthetically pleasing software experiences. I also like to take on interesting challenges, if you've any, please shoot me an email at and I'll reply, promise.

If you catch me somewhere, don't be shy, come say hi.